Protection, Conservation

The mission of Legacy Land Trust is to conserve and protect key natural, scenic and agricultural lands of northern Colorado that make this region a special place to live and work.

Northern Colorado is an exceptional place, full of spectacular and varied scenery, abundant wildlife, rich agricultural practices, and natural and cultural heritages that span eons. Added to these amenities is a modern economy that brings generous commerce to the area along with an influx of population seeking to enjoy these same desirable characteristics of the region.

The public benefits of private land conservation are many and include the ongoing protection of the beauty of open landscapes (provided by farmers and ranchers), ecosystem services (provided by nature), community pride and livability, and potential for reliable local food supplies.

Our Commitment

Working in collaboration with local landowners, other non-profit organizations, and other land protection agencies, Legacy Land Trust is committed to:

Conserving agricultural lands

Protecting regional working landscapes includes protecting irrigated and non-irrigated cropland as well as healthy rangelands. Helping producers of crops and livestock stay on the land provides passive open space values to all, as well as maintains a diverse economy and preserves our prized agricultural heritage. It also has the potential to provide local products where farms and ranches are located closer to urban areas.

Conserving habitat

While much natural habitat is protected when agricultural landscapes are protected, there are singular opportunities to conserve lands that are in a relatively pristine state where native wildlife and plant communities are very much intact. These are unique and valuable opportunities to augment existing conservation of native biodiversity that is not associated with agricultural production.

Conserving regional scenery

Even though our entire region is considered incredibly scenic, there are certain unique areas and features that deserve special attention. Legacy Land Trust tries to be strategic in our outreach to make sure special areas of scenic beauty are part of our conservation efforts. Among these possibilities would be ridgelines, striking alpine views close up, open vistas with distant mountain views, and canyons, bluffs and buttes, as well as pastoral ranch and farm landscapes.

Conserving urban interface areas

Legacy Land Trust likes to take advantage of opportunities to partner with local municipalities or landowners to protect smaller parcels of significance near urban areas to provide amenity benefits to nearby residents by protecting scenery, agricultural opportunities, or habitat.

Conservation Principles

  • Protect large agricultural landscapes (irrigated and non-irrigated, crop lands and rangelands) with as much connectivity as possible
  • Protect working farms closer to urban areas that can provide local products and mentoring opportunities for young farmers
  • Protect lands that contain scenic views, or native biodiversity that are not associated with agricultural production
  • Protect smaller parcels that support scenic views or natural amenities close to urban areas including community separators