Stewardship and Monitoring


We are grateful to all our landowners who protect the conservation, natural, and/or agricultural values of their properties. Federal and state tax benefits, as well as state tax credits that might be made possible through the donation of an easement also require the land trust to make an annual visit to the property to ensure the conservation values are intact, no matter who owns the property, now or in the future.

Annual Visits

Legacy Land Trust pre-arranges the annual visit with the owner for a mutually convenient time for the stewardship representative to tour and review the property. Owners are encouraged to participate and evaluate whether their management plan is effective or if changes could be made to enhance the land’s condition. It is a great time to review previous years’ history and answer questions to preserve the easement integrity.


Legacy Land Trust also hosts a volunteer monitoring program to involve members and friends with natural resource knowledge in the monitoring process. If you would like to learn more about this program,
contact Hannah Wilbur,